Birthday Surprise and Happy Chuseok Bundle

Birthday Surprise and Happy Chuseok Bundle

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Get the first two books in CedintheCity Adventure Series and Save! 

  1. Birthday Surprise
  2. Happy Chuseok: A Korean Thanksgiving


Tomorrow is Cedric's eighth birthday, and he is so excited he can't sleep! Finally, the big day arrives! Cedric and his friends are celebrating when tremendous fireworks appear in the sky! Then, a giant box floating on a cloud stops right in front of Cedric! 

A robot! A mountain bike! A beautiful pony! Cedric's friends have lots of ideas about what is in the box, but the box is too big to peek inside. What's inside the magical box, and how will Cedric get it out?


When eight-year-old Cedric receives a magical gift for his birthday, he is able to journey around the world, but he doesn’t know where to start.

Hawaii! Mars! Cedric’s friends have lots of ideas. But Cedric knows the perfect place for his first adventure: Seoul, Korea, the birthplace of his grandmother. 

When Cedric’s magical passport transports him to the Gyeongbokgung Palace, his new friends, Jin hoo and Go Eun, invite him to celebrate Chuseok festivities at their home. Together, they eat bulgogi, japchae, and songpyeon and play fun games. But when it’s time for Cedric to travel back home, he can’t find his magical passport! Oh no! What will he do?